The peculiar local architecture entices you with imposing mansions which are the key pieces to the puzzle. Hydra, one of the most beautiful islands in the Saronic Gulf, owes its nobility to the above.

The mansions found scattered around the island mark an entire period as well as a specific social class. The residences of the prominent and wealthy citizens of the island are more than 200 years old. They are so old and impressive that they are still used by Hydra's high society. That is why many of them are not accessible to the general public while others house public services.

According to sources, the style of the mansions on the island are attributed to Genovese architects who came to Hydra as guests of the Tobazis family. They designed the multi-storey mansions to be reminiscent of the symmetrical layout of the floor plan, the central hall, beautiful marble staircases, courtyards and arches of the renaissance palaces in northern Italy. These buildings were constructed over a short period in the early 19th century and shared a lot in common. Usually built on steep slopes, they had two main floors and two annexes with kitchens, cellars, storage tanks and staff quarters.