Merchant Marine Academy

The Merchant Marine Academy near the statue of Andreas Miaoulis is housed in the Tsamadou Mansion, donated by the owners to the Greek state for this purpose. It is certainly one of the attractions you should visit on the island. In fact, it is a living naval monument and a tangible expression of our maritime continuity.

Up until 1930 when the Academy moved to the building that it has been housed in until today, it led a colorful history. In 1749 the school of Agios Vasileos was founded on Hydra in the precinct of Agios Vasileos church, which, from about 1800 served as the Naval School of Hydra, an initiative of the Elders on the island. In the pre-revolutionary years, Italian and Portuguese teachers taught naval theory, maritime art and foreign languages (Italian, French and Spanish). In 1927 the private Hydra Naval School was established under the auspices of the "Union of Hydra Seamen" association. In 1930 the state founded the Merchant Marine School of Hydra.

Today, the school operates as usual with students dedicated to traveling by commercial ships for 5-6 and 6-7 months respectively and workers are paid to put into practice what they have learned in theory. The course is four years and graduates receive their diploma in the third year.