Things to do in Hydra

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"Gardenia" Summer Cinema

What would you say to a romantic evening in a wonderful spot in the center of Hydra with screenings of classic and contemporary cinema? Few know that Hydra...

Excursion to Epidavros

If you happen to visit Hydra during summer, do not miss the chance to fit in a trip to Epidavros to follow the famous Athens and Epidavros Festival.


Hydra Diving Center

Discover the rocky depths of Hydra underwater diving on the nearby Dokos island. Experienced instructors introduce you to the underwater world and ''guide''...


One of Hydra's highlights is its mild climate which makes it ideal for hiking all the year round.


Easter on Hydra

Hundreds of visitors to the majestic island make Hydra their meeting place every year during the Easter period to follow, up close, the Good Friday customary...



Those who choose Hydra for their spring break should make sure they find themselves on the majestic island during the Ash Monday three day weekend.



Chania captivates more and more nature enthusiasts and explorers owing to the rich natural landscape that characterizes the entire prefecture. If you are a...

Excursion to Poros

Poros is an interesting destination for a day trip. It is just 30 minutes from Hydra by flying dolphin. It is the only masculine named island in the country...


Sailing Races

The racing season for sailing enthusiasts opens and closes respectively on Hydra with 2 significant races not only for the island, but also for Greece. In...



The Kountourioteia celebrations, which take place every August, are dedicated to Pavlos Kountouriotis, admiral, liberator and first President of the Greek...

Excursion to Spetses

You should not miss the opportunity to fit in a trip to the cosmopolitan Spetses during your stay on Hydra. It is just 20 minutes away. It is one of the most...



Every year toward the end of June (the weekend nearest 21st June), the Miaouleia is organized on Hydra. The three day event is dedicated to the renowned...