Atros Monastery

The oldest monastery of Kefalonia is the Panagia of Atros, which sits at an altitude of 760 meters above the bay of Poros. Built around the 8th century, when the island was still part of the Byzantine Empire, it operated for many centuries as a male commune with important spiritual and cultural contributions.

The area is deserted and can be accessed from a dirt road shortly after the gorge of Poros. Arriving here, you will be inspired by the serenity of the landscape in combination with the panoramic view of Poros, Zakynthos and the Ionian Sea. You will see the impressive medieval four-sided tower - a rare element in monastic architecture - and the old housing quarters which are preserved to this day.

The monastery is dedicated to the birthday of the Virgin Mary which is celebrated on September 8, when the monastery turns into a festival ground with the participation of many local residents and visitors.