Meat Pie

A hallmark of traditional local cuisine, the Kefalonian meat pie can be found everywhere on the island, in several versions that differ from village to village and house to house.


1 pound lean boneless goat

1 cup of brown pilaf rice

1 large onion, grated

1 cup of chopped parsley

3 garlic cloves

1.5 cup chopped tomatoes

a little fresh chopped marjoram (if available)

1 cup of olive oil

salt, freshly ground pepper

1 packet of thick filo pastry sheets


Cut the meat into small pieces. In a large skillet add the olive oil and saute the onion along with the chopped garlic. When opaque add the meat. Continue sauteing until most of the liquid evaporates. Pour in the chopped tomato, pepper and marjoram. Add the rice. Stir. If the mixture is dry, add in a little water. Leave to cool.

Grease an oven tray, line with 3-4 sheets of well oiled pastry, pour the filling and cover with another 3-4 sheets. Score the pie and bake in the oven at 180 ° c for one hour. Best eaten warm.