Saristra Festival

One of the most special musical and visual arts festival in the country, the Saristra Festival has been held since 2012 in the ruins of the village of Palio Vlahaton, which was flattened by the great earthquake of 1953.

In 2012, then, a group of friends ascended the deserted semi-mountainous ghost village, which is 1 km. from Karavomilos and 3 km. from the port of Sami, and for three days the place where their ancestors were born and raised came back to life, through a music festival with important names of the Greek scene. Dozens of great Greek bands have now performed on the stage of Saristra.

The three-day Festival is organized every year at the beginning of the second week of August. Admission is free, and other events include painting and photo exhibitions, lectures, activities for kids, video art and artistic screenings against the legendary scenery of the ruined village.



Open summer season only