Spathis Fiskardo
Spathis Fiskardo

With longstanding presence in bakery and confectionery products -the company is in business since 1986- Spathis Bakeries are the most renowned in this field, both in Kefalonia and in Ithaca.

Showing great respect for tradition and combining it with modern technologies they have managed to stand out both for the excellent quality of their products and the variety of choices that one encounters in the chain stores in both the beautiful islands of the Ionian Sea.

All products are made daily in the family workshop, with bread as its flagship (15 different varieties) that is baked in a traditional wood oven and sweets, the kinds of which are more than 100! These include pastries, cakes, fruit tarts, cream cakes, syrup pastries, traditional desserts with fresh fruits, brioche with fillings, etc. However, it is the fresh ice cream that will make you one of its fanatics. Do not forget to try the ice cream flavours Spathis chocolate and lemon.

The products you can buy from Spathis bakeries include organically produced Robola wine, oil, honey and jams made by the owners, as well as traditional sweets (almond mandolas, quince paste, nougat) and drinks. Your purchases can be packed in specially designed gift boxes.

You will find the new store of Spathis Bakeries in Fiskardo, Kefalonia.



Open all year round