St. George’s Castle

The medieval castle of Kefalonia sits imposingly on a hill above the village Peratata, 7 km away from Argostoli. It was most likely built in the 12th century by Byzantine emperors and was the capital of the island until 1757.

The exterior walls, which survive to this day, were built in 1504 by the Venetians. Inside, as well as in the suburb (borgo) to the east of the entrance, churches and various other buildings are preserved. The Cathedral of Evangelistria, built in 1580 in Baroque Ionian style, stands out. It is preserved in very good condition and accommodates important post-Byzantine icons, which come from other churches that once existed in the castle.

Also visible are the remains of a bridge that was built during the French occupation and connected the battlements, as well as the remains of the Catholic Church of St. Nicholas in the grounds of the castle.

Even if you are not a fan of historical monuments, it’s worth visiting to enjoy the magnificent views of Argostoli and a large part of the island.

Open summer season only