Wine- General
Wine- General

The relationship of Kefalonia with wine is lost in the depths of the centuries. The favorable climatic conditions and the fertile lands of the island, with its endless vineyards, favor the production of a large variety of wines of excellent quality, so much so that their reputation has surpassed the country's borders.

Here, there are three vine varieties with Protected Designations of Origin (P.D.O) Robola, Moschato Kefalonia and Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia. There are also other cultivated local varieties, the most popular being Bostilidi and Tsaousi.

One of the most famous products is the Robola of Kefalonia, the wine with a distinctive aroma and fine taste, produced by the eponymous white grape variety - one of the three best of the Greek vineyard, according to experts. An important wine production centre is the region of Omala, with 3,500 acres of vineyards at the foot of Mount Ainos.

The Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia is also famous, a red variety that, unlike the Ahaiki, is resistant to drought. It is a dark, almost black wine with a rich complex taste and strong aromas of dried red fruits.

Muscat is grown in clay soil rich in calcium, in the southern part of the peninsula of Paliki, and gives sweet white wines.