Ancient Agora and Port
Ancient Agora and Port
Ancient Agora and Port

The archaeological site of the agora and the port of Kos is located on the eastern edge of Kos Town and came to light after the excavations of the Italian Archaeological School in the area after the devastating 1933 earthquake that literally flattened the island's capital.

On the particular archaeological site included two major areas of the ancient city of Kos, the administrative and commercial centre and the port facilities.

In antiquity, the harbour area was outside the city walls and protected with a separate wall. Following the excavations, the Temple of the Port was brought to light; a double 2nd century BC temple which was dedicated to Aphrodite, the mosque of Hercules and the port gallery, dating from the late 4th and early 3rd century BC.

The agora was discovered inside the ancient city, a construction of which dates back to the end of the 4th century BC and was a building consisting of galleries on the north, east and west side and an indoor courtyard in the centre. The stores were located on the eastern and probably on the west side of the building, while the north abutted the city wall.

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