Archaeological Museum of Kos

Housed in a listed building dating back to 1935 in Eleftherias Square, the Archaeological Museum of Kos hosts a large collection of finding dating from antiquity to the Late Roman period.

Most of them are showcased on the ground floor, which is divided into different genres. For the most part, in the lobby, the western, northwestern, northern and eastern room and the patio of the museum houses sculptural works and mosaics.

Some of the most important exhibits are the supernatural head of Hera and the funerary relief of a lion in the lobby, the head of Alexander, the statue of the athlete and the female figures in the western room, the imposing statue of Hippocrates and the embossments on the walls depicting the Symposium in the northwest, the statues of Demeter, Koris and Athena from the rural sanctuary in Pili in the north hall and the Hellenistic statues of Aphrodite and the Nymphs.

In eastern hall's stand out pieces are the statues of the Roman period, such as the seated Hermes and Demeter, while on the patio you'll notice statues of Artemis, Asclepius and Hygeia. Don't forget to dedicate some time to admire the Hellenistic mosaic depicting the seabed located on the northern wall of the peristyle.

Open all year round