Cheese pie with Posas cheese

This particular savoury cheese pie, the Cheese pie with Posas cheese, also known as 'Katines', is prepared with Kos' local 'posas' cheese (or 'Krasotyri'), which is a kind of goat's cheese and bears a red colour, from wine, which functions as a natural preservative.


For the filling
1 kg onions
1 kg red cheese
1 cup oil
1-2 eggs (optional)

For the dough
1 kg flour
1 cup oil
1,5 cup milk or yogurt
1 sachet of yeast dissolved in a little warm water
pinch of salt


Slice onions and place in a large, deep pan with some water. When they absorb the water, add the oil and cook until tender. Grate the cheese and add it to the onions. Allow to cool and if you like, add an egg into the mixture. Make the dough and mould the katines into a half crescent shape. Press the perimeter of the katines with the key of a closet (which is shaped and perforated) and bake in a moderate oven for about 1 hour.