Day trip to Kalymnos

Kalymnos, the famous island of the sponge, is just a short distance from Kos. Dedicated a day and discover the island's pristine beauty, untouched by mass tourism. Its famous sponge divers still dive to depths of the ocean to this day, to bring forth the fruits of the island in the traditional way.

Kalymnos has a beautiful city with streets that beckon you to wander them, a beachfront walkway and pristine and well-maintained buildings.

You can also visit the church of Christ or Sotiria, the remarkable temple which is the work of Tinian sculptor Giannoulis, some of the sponge workshops and the Archaeological and Folk Museum. Don't miss the opportunity to pick up a few sponges from the local product shops on the port's quay. If you have some extra time up your sleeve, make sure you head to Chrisocheras Caste, near Kalymnos Town.