Domataki Glyko

One of the most famous local products of Kos, the 'domataki', or cherry tomato, can also be prepared as a traditional Greek spoon sweet, which you can only try here.


25 medium cherry tomatoes
1 kg sugar
1/2 kg almonds
1/2 teaspoon citric acid powder
2 vanilla vials
Enough water to cover the cherry tomatoes
A pinch of food grade lime powder

Peel the tomatoes, prick two holes down the bottom and use a toothpick to remove the seeds. Wash them once and put them in the lime water for 10 minutes. Then wash them 5-6 times to clean them thoroughly. Drain the water and put an almond in each tomato. Pour the tomatoes into the pot in rows and sprinkle with sugar. Let them sit for 12 hours. Add as much water as needed to cover the tomatoes. Place the pot on a medium heat and stir until all ingredients have bound together. Add the citric acid powder and the vanilla vials. Allow to cool and place in jars.