Funky Buddha
Funky Buddha

The popular Greek fashion brand Funky Buddha has a store in the most commercial part of the city of Kos, on 16, Eleftheriou Venizelou street. Since autumn 2017, you can visit this exquisite store to browse the company’s full collection. Its collection comprises of casual, high quality and affordable clothing items which are designed to fit all men and women and help everyone make a personal fashion statement.

Funky Buddha designs vigorous, cheerful, expressive but above all comfy clothing items focusing on details and high quality. The brand’s designs reflect the excitement, the freedom of expression and the diversity in terms of style sought after by authentic, creative, bold and self-confident personalities! All those that use fashion as a way of expression and don’t follow its trends blindly.

The collections are bold, with influences from music, art, travel, love for the environment, strong emotions and modern ways of expression. Each season the brand creates clothes full of innovative ideas, enriching the latest trends.

Open all year round
Monday, Wednesday, Saturday: 09.00-15.00, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 09.00-14.30 & 17.30-21.00
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