Mount Righteous

In the heart of the island's hinterland stands the tallest mountain in Kos, reaching a height of approximately 846 meters. The grand Dikaios Mountain was known to the ancient Greeks as Oromedon, Orion or Dikaion. It's mainly composed of limestone and marble as well as large masses of plutonium and volcanic formations.

Its forests are home to a diverse species of Cypresses which occupy the majority of the mountain, are one of the most fundamental and impressive features of the site. These species are the treasures of natural Greek heritage and serve as ornaments of the gorges, the slopes and cliffs of the mountain. They're also an important factor in maintaining the biodiversity and ecological balance in the region.

According to surveys, the ruins of a medieval village, water tanks and countless clay shards from various eras suggest that there was human activity dating back to ancient times in the region.