The Tree of Hippocrates

In one of the central points of Kos Town, behind the island's headquarters and close to the Neratzia Fort and the ancient agora, stands the famous plane tree of Hippocrates.

In a quiet and cool environment in the heart of the city the perennial tree, with its huge trunk that resembles a cave, is one of the island's major attractions. Every year, countless visitors, mainly doctors, make a pilgrimage here to see the place where the father of medicine taught, up close and personal.

The plane tree of Hippocrates, together with the surrounding area, was declared a Natural Monument in 1985, following the decision of the Minister of Agriculture. It is considered to be older than 2,300 years old.

Just next to the tree are two fountains dating back to the Ottoman period, bearing an inscription in Arabic that says that water comes from the source of Hippocrates.