Welcome to Kos

Welcome to Kos

The third largest and second most populous island in the Dodecanese, Kos, the island of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, welcomes about one million tourists every year who head there for their summer holidays.

What is it that makes Kos such a sought after destination for Europeans and global visitors alike? It's mainly the many wonderful beaches which cater to all tastes - from cosmopolitan and fully managed, to the deserted and paradisiacal coastlines - and not to mention its long history, with signs of which are evident even to this day, through great monuments which are points of reference of the various cultures that have passed and left an indelible mark on Kos. Its world famous Asklipieio is another site that puts it on the map, as is the plane tree of Hippocrates and the Nerantzias Castle.

Tours in the beautiful mountain villages of Zia, Pili and Asfendiou, coupled with the striking lush greenery of Mount Dikaios, offer unique life experiences, while the island's local cuisine stands out for unique recipes and mouth watering flavours.

Kos' meticulous touristic organisation meets the needs and desires of all who choose to visit the island for their holidays. However, the thing that will charm you the most is its people who generously offer their hospitality without asking for anything in return except a smile and the satisfaction of their guests.

You can reach Kos via ferry from Piraeus, as well as by plane. Below is some useful information regarding your trip to Kos (and also Greece in general), such as information on currency exchange, weather, useful phone numbers and more.