Archaeological Museum
Archaeological Museum

Housed at the Cultural Centre of the Municipality of Lefkada, on the western coast of the town, the Archaeological Museum of the island is small, but features a remarkable collection which provides the visitor with all the information about the region and its dynamics, its financial strength, its relations with surrounding areas and the activities of Lefkada in Antiquity.

Covering a long period of Antiquity -from the Palaeolithic times to late Roman times- the exhibits of the museum have been found in various parts of the island and include jewellery, ceramics, tools, bronzes, etc. mainly from Ancient town of Nirikos, the burial tumuli in Nydri, Choirospilia cave in Evgiros and the one in Frini, the cemeteries of the ancient town of Lefkada.

Major findings include the clay bottle from the early Bronze Age (3200 BC-1900 BC) found in the area of Nydri, the clay figurine of a standing female figure of the second half of the 3rd century BC and the black-glazed pitcher (urn) discovered in the cemetery of ancient Lefkada during the first half of the 3rd century BC.

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