Gorge of Melissa
Gorge of Melissa

Gorge of Melissa, one of the most beautiful locations on the island, is found in the hinterland of the island, north of the village of Kavalos and 10 km from Lefkada town. It is the definition of dreamlike and unparalleled natural beauty in its greatness.

The gorge is crossed by a river that accompanies you all along the route and from which the supply of the watermills was made in the past. The choices you have regarding the hike are three: Pigi Spilias, Apetasti, Kako Langadi.

Pigi Spilias: The route owes its name to the fountain that is "carved" by nature in a huge rock at the beginning of the trail. Centenarian sycamore trees, gurgling water, sounds from the animal kingdom of the area offer incredible images and moments that will be truly unforgettable.

Apetasti: The walk takes place next to the stream, with green trees towering above you, creating due to their density a kind of natural "roof", hiding the sky from your vision.

Kako Langadi: Watermills and wooden bridges, dense and lush vegetation, unique shapes of rocks both in the bed and on the banks of the river from the carving of water on them, are included in the basic characteristics of this path.