Kontomichio Folkloric Museum of Sfakiotes
Kontomichio Folkloric Museum of Sfakiotes

Housed in an old, renovated building of Kavalos Elementary School (12 km from the town of Lefkada), Kontomichio Folkloric Museum of Sfakiotes was established in 2004 and is located on the edge of the village, on a privileged spot overlooking the wider area.

It was named after the local folklorist Pantazis Kontomichis, who was born in Kavalos, and in its premises hosts mainly objects from the collection of Andreas Lazaris, about 2,500 objects on traditional crafts and tools. The collection of traditional textiles and costumes of the area where Christos Katopodis comes from is smaller while there are few locals who offer valuable objects for free to enrich the museum's exhibits.

The museum is divided into three sections. The first and largest one is dedicated to traditional crafts (cooper, farmer, screen maker, barber, carpenter, shoemaker, etc.). The second section presents the traditional Lefkadite house with utensils, tools, textiles and ovens and the third one hosts the collection of Mr. Christos Katopodis with costumes and textiles from Sfakiotes area.

Open summer season only
Monday- Friday: 08.30-21.30, Saturday: 09.00-21.00
Admission: free