Meganisi is located just 4 nautical miles from Lefkada. It is a small island of 20 (an oxymoron if you think the impression created by its name, i.e. big island), but the largest island of Prigkiponisia complex (among them the legendary Skorpios of the Greek Croesus Aristotle Onassis) right opposite Nydri.

From the port of Nydri the route to Meganisi lasts approximately 30 minutes by ferry, so it is worth spending one day to discover this little "gem" of the Ionian Sea. Its basic characteristics include the crystal clear waters, the lush green fjords and the sea caves.

It features three main settlements, Spartochori at the top of Meganisi, with narrow streets and views of the natural bay of Spilia, Katomeri, the island’s capital which is none other than a picturesque village, and Vathi, its port with moored sailboats. Enjoy your swim at one of the island's beaches, such as Agios Ioannis, Fanari, Atherinos, Limonari, Spilia and do not forget to visit one of the most famous places on the island: Papanikolis sea cave. This cave, with a splendid natural decoration with impressive stalactites, owes its name to Papanikolis submarine, which used the cave as a base of operations during World War II.

In Meganisi there is also the Monastery of Agios Ioannis, built in the 15th century to be later destroyed by the pirates. In the 17th century the monastery was revived after the persistent efforts of a nun, the tomb of which lies at the foundation of the temple.