Nikiana is located in the middle of the route between the town of Lefkada and Nydri and it is a seaside fishing village with just 700 inhabitants in the winter, which during the tourist season hosts up to 7,500 visitors.

Built at the foot of mountain Skaros –of the ancient Homeric Niion- it stands out for the oak forest of Skaros, which features a unique natural beauty, with stunning views of Prigkiponisia, the picturesque port where small boats dock and the variety of choices in accommodation, food and entertainment.

For your summer diving you have a number of calm bays and beautiful beaches at your disposal to choose the one that best meets your desires.

During the year 1807, inside the small chapel of Pantokratoras, which is located in Magemenos area, I. Kapodistrias, T. Kolokotronis, and many other fighters gave their first oath for revolution and regeneration of Greeks, which happened in 1821.