Lefkadian Salami Delimaris

One of the most traditional and recognised local products of the island is none other than the famous salami of Lefkada. With Italian "origin", the story is that the inhabitants of Burano, Italy, were those who brought it to the island when they settled in Lefkada.

The production process starts with deboning of fresh pork through traditional denervation and degreasing by hand. With this process the meat is minced, kneaded with cubes of fat, salt, pepper, garlic, sugar and nitrates, and finally, once the mass is homogeneous, the intestines are filled.

Visit a branch of the Delimaris family, which began its work on the production of traditional sausages in 1964, to get its traditional salami of natural maturation. Its lifespan is 4 months when packaged airtight and 3 months after the package is open and preserved in the refrigerator.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.30-14.00 & 18.00-20.30