To Aloni

In the western part of the island, in the lush hamlet of Chortata, T’ Aloni is a restaurant with particularly cared space, which emphasizes on Greek cuisine flavours.

Everything that is prepared in the kitchen is created with selected ingredients, including vegetables from the owners’ garden, feta cheese and oil from their own production as well as local, traditional wine from their vineyard.

From the homemade appetizers try the baked chickpeas, Englouvi lentils, frygadeli (lamb liver, suet, garlic), the traditional homemade Lefkadian cheese pie, while from the main courses you should try soutzoukakia (mincedmeat with cumin), rooster pastitsada (from the owners’ farm), lamb with potatoes and lemon sauce.

Open all year round
Monday- Friday: 08.00-23.00, Saturday- Sunday: 08.00-00.00
From €15/person