Welcome to Lefkada

Welcome to Lefkada

Lefkada, an island that definitely impresses its visitors, uniquely combines the mountainous features of the mainland with stunning beaches, which are included undoubtedly in the top five beaches of all Greece. Being one of the two Greek Islands (the second one is Evia) that can be reached by car, it is a popular destination for family vacations and casual days with friends.

The town of Lefkada, capital and heart of the island, is located in the north, right past the bridge that connects it with the rest of Greece’s mainland. With its beautiful marina, the picturesque pedestrian streets, the two-storey coloured houses, the scattered churches of characteristic architecture, the lagoon that surrounds the town, and the Castle of Agia Mavra, it will surely become your point of reference.

Undisputed "star" of the island is its heavenly – and why not say exotic – beaches, with the crystal clear waters, the whitewashed small pebbles and the impressive rocky formations that almost "touch" the Ionian Sea. These are the beaches that are located in the western part of Lefkada, which are distinguished by their wild beauty that charms even the most sceptical ones. Porto Katsiki, Egremni and Kathisma are some of the top choices with Agiofilli, Avali, Vassiliki, etc. following.

The eastern side of Lefkada is milder, with developed tourist resorts offering their guests high quality services. The most famous destinations include Nydri (boats to Skorpios and the neighbouring island depart from here) and the smaller Sivota and Mikros Gialos. Vassiliki is located in the south, and has been a reference point for wind surf lovers worldwide.

Those who have visited it more than once – and there are more than a few – will certainly agree that Lefkada is not just about its heavenly beaches. Its well-hidden "secrets" lie in the hinterland between green hills with olive groves, cypresses and pines. These are the mountain villages of the island, which in turn – and understandably – claim their lion's share. Egklouvi with its famous lentils, Karya with its picturesque paved square, the captivating Exanthia introduce you to the authentic side of the Ionian Sea, that of its people.