Palace of Nestor
Palace of Nestor

Situated on the hill of Epano Englianos, 14 km from Pylos is the Palace of Nestor, the renowned king of Pylos, which is the best example of a well-preserved Mycenaean palace in all of Greece.

It was made public in 1939 following the excavations by the American archaeologist C.W. Blegen from the University of Cincinnati in cooperation with the Greek archaeologist K. Kourouniotis. The complex comprises of four buildings, the south west building being the Palace of Nelios, Nestor's father; the central building –which is currently covered with a metallic roof– being the famous Palace of Nestor and the eastern section being the location of the newer building, which was demolished at the end of the 14th century B.C.

The Palace of Nestor was a two-story building with large court yards, numerous storage areas, apartments, workshops, baths, stairwells, etc. The most important of these were the big rectangular "throne room" with its circular hearth, the room with the clay bath tube and the stores with their numerous storage vessels

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