Archaeological Museum of Chora

The Archaeological Museum of Chora is located 4 km away from Nestor's Palace, in the western part of the prefecture, in the region of Epano Englianos, and was founded in 1969 by the Archaeological Service in order to host in its halls the most important findings from the excavations carried out in the region and the famous Palace.

The museum consists of three halls in each of which artefacts from different areas are exhibited. In the first hall the visitor can observe findings (pottery, weapons, jewellery, tools, etc.) mainly from the excavations of Sp. Marinatos at sites in Trifylia and Pylia, dating between 1550-1200 BC. Major exhibits include all the gold findings of the three tholos tombs at Peristeria in Kyparissia.

The second hall houses findings exclusively from the excavations of C. Blegen at Nestor's Palace, including fragments of wall-paintings and clay tablets with inscriptions in Linear B script.

Finally, the third hall houses findings from both the Palace and the surrounding areas and the tombs on the hill of Englianos. The pair of stone horns from the Palace, the four large vessels of the Royal tholos tomb Vagenas, the large number of utilitarian pottery etc. are impressive.

Tuesday- Sunday: 08.00-15.00
€2 (general admission), €1 (reduced admission), free admission for children