Biovin-Marios' Liquor Store

Ioannis Tsavolakis, an oenologist by profession, formed the company Biovin-Tsavolakis Wines in order for the people and visitors of Kalamata to get to know the organic wines that he produces; a variety that unique both to Messinia as well as the Peloponnese.

Produced from strictly-controlled organically-grown grapes, they bear the characteristics of the earth that nurtured them, of the Peloponnese mountains as well as the areas of sun-drenched Messinia which is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea.

Whether bottled or in bulk, Biovin wines are an ideal gift idea for loved ones or as a souvenir from your stay in Kalamata or in Messinia.

The winery can be visited by the public further to contacting us.

Open all year round
Monday-Saturday: 08.00-14.00 & 17.30-21.00
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