Castle of Koroni
Castle of Koroni

Above the small town of Koroni, in the southwest part of Peloponnese, the Castle of Koroni stands proud over the years. It was built on the hilltop during the Byzantine period at the location of the ancient town of Asini.

The Venetians were the ones who rebuilt it, improving its fortifications and extending it during the 13th century, while after the conquest of the region by the Turks, the castle of Koroni fell under the rule of the invaders in 1500.

Regarding its structural and architectural elements, the main entrance resembles a large, rectangular construction, while stones and ancient building materials were used for the creation of the wall.

Inside the castle –its north and south side face toward the sea– nowadays the remains of a three-aisled basilica, remnants of the church of Agia Sophia, and the church of Saint Charalambos have survived, the latter originally created as a Catholic church dedicated to St. Rocco, converted afterwards into an Ottoman mosque to end up to function as an Orthodox church during the modern period.