Filiatra, which is built at a 70m altitude and is situated between Gargaliani and Kyparissia, is one of the newer towns of western Messinia. According to one version its name is derived from the Franc Baron de Filiatrault, while another refers to the word "well" and its derivatives.

Historical data in the area reveals signs of life that dates to the Stone Age. This is evidenced by the stone axes and various tools that have been excavated along the Krouni river.

Filiatra has been reconstructed after the devastating earthquake of 1886 and resembles "a Square" as stated by the poet George Katsaros. The replica of the Eiffel Tower that stands at a height of 26 m was created in the previous century by the expatriate and Filiatra-born Dr. Charalampos Fournarakis. You will come across the most activity at the towns main square that bears the name of Ioannis Kapodistria - even in the summer Filiatra is a quiet town - while at Agios Andreas Square you will find Venetian fountains that were crafted by artisans Florentines during the 19th century.

At a 6 km distance from Filiatra at the seaside village of Agrilis, you will come across the Castle of Fairytales. After the Eiffel Tower, this is one of the most remarkable sights in the area given that the over-sized statues of Poseidon, Athena and the replica of the ship Argo dominate within the yard, while stories and events from Greek mythology unfold within the castle. More sights that you should not miss out on include the historical church of Panagia Vlacherna, the church of the Ascension (the oldest cross-shaped temple of the world) of the 12th cent.) and the Monastery of Annunciation.