Fish tsiladia

Fish tsiladia is a traditional, sweet and savory recipe whose origin has been lost over time.

1 kilo salted cod
1½ onions
1 cup olive oil
2 cups fresh tomato juice
1 cup black raisins
4 bay leaves
4 garlic cloves
½ cup Kalamata balsamic vinegar

Desalt the cod in plenty of water for 24 hours (change the water 2-3 times) and then cut into pieces. Pour some water in a large pot and add the onions cut into rings. Allow them to wilt with the garlic.

Add the oil, tomato and bay leaves and turn up the heat a little until all the liquids evaporate. In the meantime, fry the floured pieces of cod until they turn a light golden brown. Add the fried cod to the pot with the sauce and sprinkle the raisins on top. Finally, add the pepper and vinegar and allow to simmer for a short while.