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Hiking in the gorge of Neda
Hiking in the gorge of Neda

Neda, the only river with a female name in Greece, which serves as natural border between the prefectures of Messinia and Ilia, offers a unique life experience. In an incredibly beautiful scenery, the like of which you have never seen before, impressive rock formations, narrow passages and crystal clear waters alternate with each other, offering unforgettable and beautiful images.

The hiking route in the gorge of Neda starts near the ancient Figaleia where the river is approached by the bridge of the region and continues along the running waters. At the height of the village, you will find yourself in front of a "miracle" of nature, known as neraidorema (nymphs' stream). Waterfalls with crystal clear waters end up in blue lakes, which flow into the river and then into the sea.

Here, in fact, you can enjoy refreshing dips, as well as a meal with local, traditional dishes.

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