To the north west of the region and at a distance of 67 km from Kalamata you will come across Kyparissia. Kyparissia, which is the region's third largest town after Kalamata and Messini, is built at the foothills of Mt. Egaleo and stretches across the land until the Ionian Sea. Although it has all the comforts of a modern town, its history goes hand in hand with that of Messinia, in fact the first descriptions of Kyparissia come from Homer and Pausanias.

For many Kyparissia takes its name from the countless cypress trees that surrounded it in the past, while for others the name comes from Kyparissos, son of Minyas, who killed a deer while hunting and then fell into depression. Shortly before his death, the gods pitied him and turned him into a cypress tree.

Kyparissia is currently divided into two, the Upper Town and the New or Lower Town. Kyparissia's Upper Town has been declared a traditional listed village that is full of sparsely located historical monuments that verify the town's history. These include the Castle of Arcadia - the view of the town and the Ionian Sea is spectacular from this point - the Public Baths (sweating baths), the Pazarovrysi, the Gate of 1787, Arcadia Square with the perennial plane tree and fountains, the narrow alleyways, etc. Here you will also find traditional grills that serve pork on the spit, one of the local specialties!

Life in the modern town is centered around the harbor and the fish tavernas. Those of you who choose Kyparissia for your holidays should know that you will find numerous comforts. Do not miss out on visiting the Folklore Museum, the Piso Rouga neighborhood, the building that was home to Kostis Palamas, the church of Agia Triada, the mosque and the bazaar at the Megalo Kalderimi. A large bazaar with antiques and old items is held on the last weekend in August.

Kyparissia beach is located on a few minutes from the town's center. It is an organized sandy beach with crystal clear waters and a beach bar, while the beaches Kartellas, Sani, Kalo Nero and Trypes (primarily for nudists) are close by.