Located at the region's most south western point, at a distance 61 km from the center of Kalamata and 12 km from Pylos, you will come across the town of Methoni. Due to its location, Methoni became the bone of contention on several occasions in the past by the respective conquerors who wanted to turn it into a port.

The most important sights in Methoni comprise of the famous castle of Methoni. Built in 1209 by the Venetians, this is one of the largest fortifications in the Mediterranean as it occupies an area of about 9.3 hectares. The three sides of the castle border with the sea, while the north is the one that connects with the mainland, which is in fact strongly fortified by a citadel.

There is a beautiful beach next to the castle, where you can go for a refreshing dip. It is preferable to visit the castle of Methoni at dusk. The magnificent setting that will unfold before your eyes will remain unforgettable.