Military Museum of Kalamata
Military Museum of Kalamata

The building on Mitropolitou Meletiou Street that once housed the old Metropolis of Messinia in Kalamata's historical center in now home to the Military Museum of Kalamata. The Museum was founded (in 2005) for the purpose of presenting the history of modern Greece, from the Revolution of 1821 until the present day, through photographs, documents and audiovisual material.

The museum's collection is divided into themes among which you will find uniforms, war and photographic material from the Battle of 1821, exhibits from the Macedonia Struggle with references to Messinian Macedonian Fighters, items from the Balkan Wars. Great emphasis has been placed on the Asia Minor Catastrophe, while there are also dedications to World Wars I and II, the battles of the Cretan Forts, the Middle East and the National Resistance.

References are also made to the Greek army's peacekeeping operations in Somalia, Korea, former Yugoslavia, the Gulf War and Afghanistan.

An exhibit of great significance is the catalog of Messinians that died while participating in the fights from 1897 until 1974. In the museum's outdoor area, you can also see a tank, an armored military vehicle, guns and an aircraft.

Open all year round
Tuesday-Saturday: 09.00- 14.00, Wednesday: 18.00-20.00, Sunday: 11.00-14.00
Admission: free