The Routes of the Olive Tree

"The Routes of the Olive Tree" are routes of culture and dialog on the olive tree that are not limited to Messinia, Greece and the Mediterranean, but expand to other countries of the world.

Routes and several other activities such as photography and painting exhibitions, cultural and information meetings, contests, trade meetings as well as publications focusing on the history, symbolism and meaning of the olive tree and the nutritional value of its products have been carried out in Greece and various other countries.

The cultural organization "The Routes of the Olive Tree" has also created the "Club of little friends of the Olive Tree Routes" which is aimed at helping the youth of Greece and other countries to become acquainted and to create stronger friendship bonds through the olive tree, the dissemination of the culture of the olive tree, the youth's initiation into the culture of the olive tree and the realization of its timeless nutritional value through various events.