Useful & Emergency Telephone Numbers

Useful & Emergency Telephone Numbers

During your stay in Messinia, it will help you to know the useful numbers that follow.

Telephone Directory Information (OTE)
11888: OTE's Telephone Directory Information is a service where you can search for telephone numbers from different categories and professionals you are interested in such as night clubs, galleries, cake shops, liquor stores, hotels, etc. (charge: €0,99/minute, +roaming charges).

European Emergency Call Number
112: 112 is the number that has been adopted by the European Union (EU) as the emergency number which you can call free of charge for emergencies in all EU countries. In Greece 112 operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (free call).

National Emergency Aid Center (EKAB)
The National Emergency Aid Center operates since 1985 under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Social Security. It was created in order to coordinate the provision of emergency aid in emergency situations and the urgent medical care to citizens as well as their transportation to health care units (free call).

Hellenic Police
100: Emergency number for immediate police intervention in any part of the country. All citizens can contact the Police by sending a free sms to the number 100 (free call).
+30 27210 44681, 1571: Telephone communication in Greek, English, French and German for the resolution of problems encountered by national and foreign tourists. (charge: +30 27210 44681/€0.03/minute, +roaming charges, 1571/€0.06/minute, +roaming charges).

Fire Department
+30 27210 92100, 199: The Fire Department is concerned with Law Enforcement and reports to the Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection with local competence that expands throughout the whole territory. It was created in order to protect lives and property of citizens and the state, along with forests and the natural environment from fires, natural disasters and other distasters (charge: +30 27210 92100/€0.03/minute, +roaming charges, 199/free call).

On call Pharmacies, Hospitals, Doctors
14944: If you need a pharmacy, hospital, or doctor call 14944 for information on the services you require (charge: €0.50/minute, +roaming charges).

+30 27213 63000 (Kalamata), +30 27610 22321 (Kyparissia), +30 27230 22315 (Pylos): In case of an emergency or minor accident visit the hospital or medical center closest to you (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges).

Port Authorities
+30 27210 22218 (Kalamata), +30 27230 22225 (Pylos): Contact the Port Authorities of Kalamata or Pylos for information of ship itineraries (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges).

+30 27213 60700 (Kalamata), +30 27210 64123 (West Mani), +30 27223 60100 (Messini), +30 27240 22264 (Oichalia), +30 27230 22221 (Pylos-Nestoros), +30 2761 360700 (Trifyllias): For information in relation to the Municipality of Messinia, contact the competent department at the local authorities (charge: €0.03/minute, +roaming charges).