Welcome to Messinia

Welcome to Messinia

Endowed with nature in all its splendor, "nurtured" with values that are deeply rooted in the Revolution of 1821, "equipped" with archaeological sites and sights of historical significance and boasting a rich culture and tradition, Messinia welcomes you to its beautiful natural setting.

In the southwestern part of the Peloponnese, where the wild and untouched beauty of Mt. Taygetos meets the temperament of the Ionian Sea, the prefecture of Messinia is the ultimate destination that offers its guests a variety of choices all year round.

Kalamata, is the prefecture's largest town and it is situated almost in the center of the Messinian Gulf. It is a vibrant town with intense cultural activity that has nothing to envy of other major towns of Greece. It is the town that started the glorious struggle of the Revolution of '21, that hosts the International Dance Festival every year, that is bike-friendly, that has numerous dining and entertainment options.

The prefecture of Messinia, however, is not just its urban center. It is the abundant, natural and wild beauty of Mt. Taygetos, the photographed Voidokilia beach (among the most famous and impressive in all of Greece) and the rest of the indented coastline. It is the glorious historical past and the remaining monuments of remembrance like the famous Castles of Methoni, Koroni and Pylos. It is the fortified tower houses and impressive towers in Messinian Mani. It is traditional products and the local cuisine, that holds a special place in the people's consciousness.

What is the prefecture of Messinia after all? Pieces to a puzzle that make up its uniqueness. Discover them all, one by one!