Apriati- the ancient Greek word meaning strong desire for having beautiful possessions. Behind the Apriati jewellery brand, are two young Greek designers, both educated in Italy. Their distinctive and innovative designs are the outcome of their inspiration, derived mainly from the arts and crafts of ancient Greek history and mythology, combined with the personal experiences and feelings they have embraced from their travels around the world. And that’s exactly where their “secret lies".

The trademark of their unique and fascinating designs is a new approach to luxury, which is worn in a casual way. Gold, diamonds and other precious stones are complemented with “hip trend” material for an unusual and uplifting result.

The concept behind each piece and it’s perfect craftsmanship, is fast being discovered by people over the world, with Apriati designs now being sold in countries across the globe. Showcased in its own boutiques in Athens, Paris, Myconos and Spetses.

Open summer season only
Daily:10-00-13.30 & 17.30-late
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