Archaeological Museum of Delos
Archaeological Museum of Delos

The Archaeological Museum of Delos is one of the most prominent museums in Greece. In its premises are showcased valuable findings that have been unearthed during the excavations conducted by the French Archaeological School for more than a century.

The museum’s building was constructed in 1904 to house these findings and was expanded initially in 1931 and then again in 1972. Nowadays it has nine rooms. Six of them house sculptures and engravings found in Delos, which make up one of the finest collections in the world. In two of the rooms are showcased vases dating from the pre-historic to the late Hellenistic period and another room hosts various small items found in private residences in Delos.

Your attention will be drawn by the marble male torso from the Sanctuary of Apollo, the marble sculpture depicting the abduction of the Athenian Princess Orithyia by Boreas, which was found in the temple of the Athenians, the statues of Dioskouridis and his wife Cleopatra –an Athenian couple that lived in Delos – found in the couple’s residence located in the Theatre neighbourhood and the Archaic female marble statue that was found in the Sanctuary of Apollo and is considered one of the oldest surviving sculptures.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-20.00 (summer), 08.30-15.00 (winter)
€12, €6 (reduced)