Casa Dolce
Casa Dolce
Casa Dolce
Casa Dolce
Casa Dolce

The most “sweet” house in Mykonos is located in the area of Evangelistraki, a few minutes away from Chora. It is called Casa Dolce and its owner Nikos Koukiasas makes the best handmade ice-cream in the island, using exquisite quality raw ingredients and his wild imagination. 

To discover how valuable Nikos Koukiasas considers the use of quality raw ingredients you just have to try once any of his creations. Everything here is fresh and handmade from scratch, even the caramelized almond of your ice cream.

You will have a hard time to pick something from its display window. Apart from the well-known and classic suggestions (chocolate, pistachio, stracciatella, tiramisu etc.) you will also discover unique and unexpected flavours that are constantly updated, as well as ice creams based on local products.

Here the Mykonian kopanisti cheese, the macaroon and the honey pie are transformed in a fresh handmade ice cream that stands out for its perfect texture and real taste. This year we suggest you try the new flavours, such as popcorn with salted caramel, black vanilla, smoking chocolate as well as a fantastic mountain tea sorbet. It also serves ice cream for vegans.

Just as great as the ice cream are its sweets, which are made on a daily basis with a lot of passion and in small quantities (to ensure their freshness), such as the delectable syrup sweets and the marvelous cakes.

Open all year round
Daily: 08.00-23.00
€2.50 (ice cream scoop)
American Express, MasterCard, Visa