Mykonos Municipal Library
Mykonos Municipal Library

Mykonos Municipal Library is housed since 1973 in a building of unique architecture in Agias Kyriakis square –one of the most beautiful and historical in Chora– and is a special meeting point for interaction, inspiration and intellectual cultivation, which is open both to locals and visitors.

Founded in 1957 it hosts a significant collection of historical manuscripts regarding Mykonos and the Cyclades, rare and hard to find elsewhere books, historical and scientific newspapers and magazines, as well as a large number of historical evidence about the island.

The biggest part of the library’s collection comes from a donation of Mr Ioannis Meletopoulos (former curator of the National Historical Museum in Athens), as well as from donations from various authorities and other private citizens.

In its premises it host part of the Historical Archives of Mykonos, which includes documents and manuscripts dating centuries back which refer to the history of the island and the Cyclades in general.

Extremely interesting is the Manto Mavrogenous archive, while it has a great Architecture department.

Finally, it hosts a unique collection of coins from the Cyclades, a collection of seals from the Cyclades, old engravings and maps.

Open all year round
Tuesday: 13.30-20.30, Wednesday: 07.30-21.00, Thursday: 07.30-20.30, Friday: 07.30-13.30