El Burro
El Burro

After only two years in the business El Burro has become one of the favourite meeting points for the locals. You will find it on the ring road (opposite the two gas stations) in Vougli, just a few minutes away from Chora in Mykonos.  

Our favourite “donkey” (burro means donkey in Spanish) offers filling and delectable suggestions for breakfast. El Burro also has its own unique coffee variety. The coffee blend is 100% Arabica and will take you on a journey starting from South America as it has a full texture and intense dry nuts and chocolate favours. Its unique features include a taste of caramel and butter coming from a special blend from Southeast Asia. A final touch of sweet fruits, such as an apple, and spicy notes of warm spices are brought to the surface through a complex coffee blend from Central America.

The menu features enticing suggestion for a perfect start of your day, from fluffy omelettes, eggs benedict with handmade English muffins, salads, savoury waffles to hot dog and sundae.

The stars of the menu are the delightful pancakes, the juicy burgers with 100% Black Angus minced meat and the sublime club sandwich.

El Burro's kitchen is open daily from 08.00 to 17.00.

You should also try the cool and inspired cocktails. We definitely suggest the Smokey Donkey with smoked rosemary, the Donkey Zombie and the Spicy Nectar with freshly ground pepper.

Monday-Saturday: 07.30-23.30, Sunday: 08.00-23.30 (kitchen daily 08.00-17.00)
€3.20 (freddo espresso), €8 (drinks), from €10 (cocktails)
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