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Super Paradise

Jackie O' Beach Club and Restaurant

The beach "brother" of the famous Jackie O' in Chora, in other words, the gay bar that changed the scenery of entertainment on the island, has managed to...


Uno con Carne

A Steak House & Oyster Bar in Chora, which, from the moment it opened, is constantly at the top of the island's dining options.



"Eat local". This is Mamalouka restaurant's motto and philosophy which they follow faithfully. Set in a delightful and breezy courtyard in the center of...



Kuzina, brings an elevated mood and cool atmosphere to Mykonos via a snow-white Cycladic space on the beach of Ornos. Here, the acclaimed chef Aris...



A reference point and symbol of the the nightlife of Mykonos since 1967, Remezzo has carved its own unique course both in catering and entertainment. With an...



The traditional island cuisine turns into a creative high quality culinary experience at the brand new arrival that goes by the name Nesaea and is located in...


A constant value in Gialos, meeting point of celebrities and not only, ideal for any time of the day, Alegro, since 2003, has been able to establish its own...



Catari translates to "Little Catherine" in the Napolitan dialect, and it's also the name of the product, that the Napolitans discovered, which allows pizza...



An old spice store dived in to current times and brought with it to the island one of the most beautiful and group-friendly restaurants, Bakalo. Located in...



The word Kalita literally means "people's quality", and this is evident in every aspect of the delightful restaurant. Located in Chora on Kalogera street,...

Kalo Livadi


Solymar belongs to that category of Mykonos' restaurants that do not need introductions. Βon viveurs' favourite hangout and a destination for those who are...



A fresh arrival on the beach of Ornos, right next to Kuzina, Pasaji will no doubt become a reference point during your holiday on the island of the winds. A...


Casa Dolce

In the area of Evaggelistraki, a few minutes outside Chora, Casa Dolce offers the best ice cream on the island. The brand new shop offers those who want to...


Roca Cookery

Roca Cookery offers what is considered to be the finest Mediterranean cuisine available, and since last year has received only the best reviews. Situated at...


In the area of Kastro, from which it got its name, and a stone’s throw from Little Venice, Kastro's Restaurant is included in the list of businesses where...


Attica Bakeries (Chora)

At Attica Bakeries you will find over 10 types of bread, dozens of choices in buns, cookies, rusks, bread sticks and fresh, delicious desserts. In the shop...


mama's cuisine

Brand new arrival for all diners at Manto Square, in Chora of Mykonos. "Mama's cuisine" does not promote the mummy's kitchen you imagine (which to some...


Attica Bakeries (Fabrika)

The second store of Attica Bakeries in Mykonos is located in Fabrika (in the area of KTEL buses). There, you will find over 10 types of bread, fresh...

Agia Anna Kalafati

Saint Anna Beach bar & restaurant

The beach bar & restaurant Saint Anna gives another "flavour" to our summer, and welcomes us with chill out mood. In the quiet and beautiful beach of...

Agia Anna Kalafati

Spilia Seaside Restaurant

The greatness of simplicity is prominent in this place, which is more than just another restaurant in Mykonos. In Agia Anna Kalafati, immersed in a natural...

Little Venice

Nice 'n' Easy

The favourite hang out of celebrities (and not only!) in Kolonaki, has also opened in Mykonos' beautiful Kalo Livadi beach!

K for KIKU

One of the most remarkable new entries this year, K for KIKU, in the heart of Matogianni, has made an impression ever since it opened. The Japanese and...


Casa di Giorgio

Casa di Giorgio, behind Chora's catholic church, is one of the island's top restaurants.


Sushi Med

A favourite choice for every Japanese cuisine lover, Sushi Med Mykonos restaurant is located in Lakka, adjacent to its "little bother", Mediterraneo...



This is the favourite beach bar of those who like originality and know how to have fun!



One of the newest kids on the block in Ornos is the restaurant Farina - which in Italian means flour - and the basis of your initiation into authentic...


The team of the legendary "4711" this summer will bring the night to day in Mykonos. Jumeirah -which means "beautiful" in Arabic- opened at the "beautiful"...