Little Venice, Mykonos

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Little Venice


The famous Katerinaki cocktail and its unique location have established it since 1989, when it opened, as one of the top cocktail bars on the island....


In the area of Kastro, from which it got its name, and a stone’s throw from Little Venice, Kastro's Restaurant is included in the list of businesses where...

Little Venice

Little Venice

It is one of the most romantic places that you have seen in your life and certainly one of the most photographed in the world!

Little Venice


New entry in Little Venice, the most photographed spot of the island. First of all, Breeze features an entrance only from the front side of the area (i.e....

Little Venice


There are some places that really need no introduction. One of those places is Scarpa in Little Venice. Situated in, by far, the best location in Mykonos,...

Little Venice

Nice 'n' Easy

The favourite hang out of celebrities (and not only!) in Kolonaki, has also opened in Mykonos' beautiful Kalo Livadi beach!

Pizza L' angolo

The corner of 6, Kouzi Georgouli Street in Chora welcomes us fresh and with an Italian style. Pizza L' angolo, which means "corner" in Italian, came to...

Little Venice


Olla, like a hidden treasure in the alleys of the island, decorated by the architect Nikos Fratzeskos is a real discovery. Here the cuisine is creative...


Ολοκαίνουρια άφιξη στη Μικρή Βενετία με ποιοτικό street food και την εγγύηση της γνωστής αλυσίδας από την Κεφαλονιά. Το κατάστημα Crepaland στην οδό Κουζή...

Little Venice


As soon as you enter Vicolo you feel like you’ve visited a friend's house. A picturesque island alley that when you "walk" it you imagine that a friend will...

Costa Lekka

Within walking distance from Little Venice, Costa Lekka boutique introduces you to the world of fashion and style in the best possible way. Visit the...

Little Venice


Although the famous pelican named Petros died in 1985, still all the visitors look out for the bird, which is the trademark of Mykonos and walks freely in...

Little Venice

Montparnasse The Piano Bar

Atmospheric gay bar in Little Venice with a terrace offering a magnificent view and a wide variety of cocktails!

Little Venice


Lola is not another bar, nor your typical gay bar, because it does not resemble any other bar on the island and its design is nothing like you've seen before.

Little Venice

Mykonos Theoxenia

Mykonos Theoxenia luxury hotel in Mykonos Island, is an oasis of serenity and just a stone throw away from the vigorous and glamorous nightlife of Mykonos.