Gerasimos bakery - Il forno di Gerasimo
Gerasimos bakery - Il forno di Gerasimo
Gerasimos bakery - Il forno di Gerasimo

A bakery of European standards, on Kalogera Street, which since last year, when it first opened, has been making quite an impression. You can visit it early in the morning for its delicious coffee and suggestions that compose a nutritious breakfast and will absolutely cover your needs for the rest of the day.

At the exact same spot, those who know the island are aware that at this exact spot there was one of the best bakeries of the island, while this year they will have the opportunity to "recapture" it in a different character. What will you find in Gerasimos bakery? A harmonious fusion of Greek and Italian elements. You can choose from 8 types of individual bread, buy treats from the delicatessen corner which offers Italian and Greek premium products like homemade pasta, honey, oil, etc., or enjoy an authentic Italian pizza from the respective corner where an Italian pizzaiolo welcomes you and prepares it in front of you.

Similarly, in the afternoon from 18.00-21.00 there is the aperitivo menu with savoury and sweet suggestions as well as a variety of sparkling wines. You can even relax on the outdoor beanbags and enjoy the view of the passers by.

At the bakery you will find juicy hot dog, croissants and pastries worth tasting.

Its pastry products are also a must try. 

Open all year round
Daily: 24 hours
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