Rarity Gallery

Rarity Gallery was established in the center of Mykonos in 1995. It was the first in Greece to exhibit the works of internationally acknowledged contemporary artists. The main goal of the gallery is to offer an original, selected and carefully composed aesthetic experience to strenght the appreciation of contemporary art, while valorize the artists, their exposure and reputation.

The curators have applied their personal knowledge, experience in the selection process and the arrangement of the artworks in Rarity Gallery's spacious, elegant but friendly environment is a synthesis that allows the evolution of dynamic relationships between them. The attentive visitor can expect to enjoy a full sensory immersion in a constant dialogue between the pieces.

The exhibits vary between the works of younger artists and more established figures on the international art scene, as to ensure a broader scope, a full spectrum of the contemporary art movements and its various facets. Each year, the curators organize approximately five solo exhibitions, while for the rest of the time Rarity Gallery offers varied works of its artists.

The artists featured, are unique masters in the fields of sculpture, painting, photography and other languages of visual art's world. They are represented in international museums's and prestigious Art Fair's exhibitions and very well known into corporate collections from all the world and are constant guests. Some of them are Julian Opie, Hunt Slonem, George Pusenkoff, Joana Vasconcelos, Carole Feuerman, Hanneke Beaumont, Patrick Hughes, Roberto Bernardi, Sean Henry, Hong Sung Chull, Jorge Galindo, Omar Galliani, Massimo Listri, Massimo Giannoni, Peter Anton, Peter Woytuk, Umberto Ciceri, James Adams, Mary A. Waters.

Open summer season only
Daily: from 10.00
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