Lena's House
Lena's House
Lena's House

Only a few people know that in the center of Chora in Mykonos, and more specifically in the area of Tria Pigadia, a historic middle-class house  has been converted into a museum.

Lena's House, named after its owner Lena Skrivanou, is an annex of the Folklore Museum of Mykonos Folklore Museum and offers a nostalgic journey back in time. The interior (living room and two bedrooms) hosts its original 19th century furniture.

Several of the items on display here were donated by Mykonians and were previously in middle-class houses of the island. Moreover, the museum houses a large collection of various kinds of laces made by Mykonian embroiderers.

In the middle of the room with the precious hanging oil lamp you will see an old three-fold table with some Cycladic type chairs and some dating even further back in time. You will also have the opportunity to admire a small couch, a short cupboard, a drawer, a console table, a coal-burning heater, a torchon and beautifully engraved wooden chests. On the walls you will see valuable framed embroideries, old mirrors, a collection of large French gravures and 19th century decorative dishes.

Especially interesting are the revivals of costumes worn by local women in the 18th century, which are based on etchings. Actually, one of them is a product of the collaboration between the Cultural-Folklore Association of Mykonian Women with the Greek National Theater costume and theatrical set designer Giannis Metzikov.

Open summer season only
Daily: 18.30-21.30