Gelarto welcomes you in its impressive new premises at Ethnikis Antistaseos street, in the heart of the Old Town of Nafplio, to initiate you in the… art of ice-cream making –exactly as indicated by its name.

The brothers Petros and Nikos with years of experience in the industry –they began in 2005- promise to offer you the most delicious and refreshing moments during your stay in Nafplio. They make the ice cream themselves in the open to the public workshop (covered only with glass) so as for you to track the entire process, being certain of the quality and the materials used.

Your choice, however, will be difficult as you get to choose from 26 different flavours (they change depending on the season and the raw ingredients) among which stracciatella, cookies, kinder bueno, ferrero and the award-winning pistachio stand out, with nuts , melon, strawberry sorbet, watermelon sorbet and lemon pie holding a prominent place during the summer.

Oreo, nirvana, twix and kremino are some of the new flavours worth-trying.

The ice cream is served on homemade cone or cup, plain or with toppings (syrup, sprinkles, biscuit, etc.) of your choice, and there is the possibility of buying a kilo or half a kilo to take home or for a gift.

Open all year round
Daily: 10.00-02.00
€1.50 (one scoop), €2.50 (freddo cappuccino)